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AP Class Greenship Awards

A further step towards a greener environment: The Green Award shows that an operator goes the extra mile to ensure that its ship is cleaner and more environmentally friendly - an initiative that Orlaco can only support.Green Ship Award

The Green Award fits perfectly with AP Class's principles of doing business in a safe and responsible manner with respect for the environment. AP Class develops vision solutions for the maritime sector, among other product market combinations, in accordance with strict environmental and quality requirements, in order to increase safety, efficiency and comfort. AP Class can therefore only support the Green Award initiative and is delighted to join the more than 60 parties that reward green companies. AP Class wants to encourage green businesses by offering an extended warranty on a camera system. Green Award certified sea and inland waterway vessels are entitled to an extra twelve months' warranty (36 instead of 24 months) on purchased AP Class cameras (CCTV systems).

To be eligible for Green Award certification, a vessel must comply with strict conditions. These conditions concern not only safety and quality on board and in the office (for shipping) but also environmental protection measures. A camera system, like those from AP Class, counts as one of these conditions for sea transport in order to earn points for the renowned Green Award. Ships that meet these additional environmental requirements receive a certificate and a Green Award flag. This enables shippers to recognize these green ships and grant them a discount on harbour payments.

About the Green Award
The Green Award was introduced in the maritime industry in 1994 to promote the quality and safety of vessels and protect the environment. In 2011, the Green Award certificate for inland shipping was also launched. Across the world, ships and shipping companies are certified by the Green Award for their quality, safety and environmental performance. Certification is voluntary and provides several advantages, such as improvement of the company's image and discounts on harbor dues. Green Award has its own set of requirements that go well beyond the statutory requirements. Only ships that meet the requirements of Green Award are eligible for the Green Award certificate.

The pride of the oceans

Green Award certifies ships that are extra clean and extra safe. Ships with a Green Award certificate reap various financial and non-financial benefits.

By rewarding high safety and environmental standards in shipping, Green Award makes above standard ship operation economically more attractive. The Green Award certification scheme is open to oil tankers, chemical tankers and dry bulk carriers, LNG, LPG and container carriers and inland navigation vessels.

The Green Award procedure is carried out by the Bureau Green Award, the executive body of the independent non-profit Green Award Foundation. The certification procedure consists of an office audit and an audit of each individual ship applying for certification. Amongst many others, the assessment focuses on crew, operational, environmental and managerial elements.

At ports in Belgium, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Oman, New Zealand, Portugal and South Africa, the Green Award vessels receive a considerable reduction on port dues. Private companies also appreciate the extra quality which Green Award guarantees. Several incentive providers, government institutions as well as private companies, grant savings to a vessel with a Green Award certificate, which subject to annual verification, is valid for three years.