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Lead Auditor Certificate in Marine Surveys

Ship Inspection, Surveys, Insurance Surveys, Cargo inspection, stowage, securing, assessment, surveys and reporting - training course by tutored distance learning Commences: 15th March 2017 Delivered by tutored distance learning followed by examination
The programme is also invaluable for those who, while not practically involved in surveying, work in maritime trade, transport, or insurance, who would benefit from a grounding in the expertise which allows marine / cargo / insurance / wreck surveyors to play such an integral role in the global carriage of goods.
Marine Warranty Surveying Learn how warranty surveys reduce risks in major marine transportation and construction projects - training course by tutored distance learning
Identify the role of a marine surveyor Explain the different types of survey and their application Analyse the different locations relevant for surveys Understand the issue of safety in surveys and how to ensure safety Analyse the make-up of the marine surveying industry Explain the role of the relevant class societies and statutory bodies in class surveying
Fees $1000 - Payable in advance

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