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Ship Security Diploma

AP Society's Diploma in Ship Security is an exciting course covering key competencies across Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Operations, allowing you to develop specialist knowledge and enhance your career opportunities.

Why this Course?

    Learn the skills required to build a successful career in the Maritime Security industry. Engage with a range of challenging topics including preventative measures and security procedures as well as the actual event.
    Flexible and easily accessible – distance learning enables students to study worldwide and continue to work.
    Excellent support and guidance. Our authors and tutors are industry professionals who provide outstanding teaching as a result of extensive research and close links within the industry

Course Director - David Tubb, Maritime Author and Writer


    Introduction to Ship Security
    The Historical and Current Situation
    ISPS Code
    The Law and Ship Security
    Preventative Measures and Security Procedures
    The Actual Event
    Preventative Security Measures on Commercial Vessels
    Passenger Vessel Security
    Superyacht and Private Yacht Security
    Crew Impacts
    On Shore Security

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