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Marine Advisory Services

Asia Pacific Class offers a wide range of services outside classification and certification. Our marine advisory services help you improve efficiency and reliability through measurements, monitoring & predictive calculations.

Benefits of our technical assistance

We  provide you with engineering, expertise and technical assistance in a large field of competencies.  

Among our main services, you will find:

  • Studies: life extension, compliance of designs with rules and regulations or specifications, etc.

  • Shaft alignment: calculation and site measurement

  • Noise and vibration analysis: predictive calculations and site measurement

  • Risk analysis with different methodologies

  • Measurements during sea trials: ship speed, torque, power, etc.

  • Simulations in basin or numerical (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

  • Software tools: ShaftDesigner, the innovative Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software which is a great help for anyone involved in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of propulsion shafts.

Benefits of our technical assistance

  • Minimize risk for the designer and builder

  • End-customer satisfaction

  • Reduce costs: enhanced design, including noise and vibration considerations, can prevent the need for costly modification once construction completed, for example

  • Avoid machinery or structural damage and palliative equipment

  • Meet international standards

  • Ensure compliance with owner specifications

  • Ensure efficiency: with our shaft alignment solution, you can improve efficiency of the whole propulsion system. This service is highly valuable for large container ships and passenger ships.

  • Avoid damage in-service and optimize passenger and crew comfort

Why choose Asia Pacific Class?

  • Recognition and experience

With years of experience in this field, we provide essential advisory services to designers and operators.

  • Network

Asia Pacific Class’ leading experts offer technical support throughout the world. Our worldwide network has more than 2,00 highly qualified marine surveyors, specialized in the implementation of safety, security, and environmental protection rules and standards, operating in seven survey stations in six countries.

 Asia Pacific Class offers marine advisory services for all ship types:

  • Bulk carriers

  • Container ships

  • Oil & chemical tankers

  • Gas carriers

  • Passenger ships

  • Offshore Service Vessels and Tugs

  • Yachts

  • Dredgers

  • Navy ships

  • Fishing vessels

  • Roll-on, roll-off ships

  • Cargo ships

  • Inland navigation vessels 

Visit our page dedicated to our research and development (R&D) projects.


Our subsidiary Tecnitas can also support you. It is currently covering a large range of services including consulting, assistance to owners, project management, expertise, engineering and structural analyses.