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Surveys other than Statutory Surveys

Apart from statutory surveys other surveys undertaken by AP Class for a ship are:-
1) Design appraisal of new building:- Class appraise and approves design for the ship which is going to be built.
2) Surveys during construction:- Attendance at the construction of the vessel in the shipyard by a AP Class surveyor and to verify materials during the construction at shipyard, supervise the welding technique procedure, fabrication at all stages of construction, installation of essential machinery on board and witness during sea and other trials. They inspect the essential machinery and equipment at various stages of construction.
3) Surveys after construction: - Maintenance of class is assured by the system of periodic survey. Upon satisfactory completion of the above, the ship-owner request for the issuance of a class certificate. This will be considered by relevant AP Class and if deemed satisfactory, a certificate of classification is issued.
4) Classification of existing ships:- If the ship is not built under particular society, can also be classed with the other, provided the class rules of the new society are strictly abided by.
5) Damage survey:- Damage survey of hull, machinery, equipment and permanent fitting are done at the request of the ship-owner or other interested parties and a factual report is issued.
6) Special survey:- Special surveys of hull and machinery are carried out at 5 yearly interval in order to establish the condition of hull structure/machinery respectively to confirm the structural integrity is in accordance with class requirement.
7) Annual and intermediate survey:- Must be carried out at their respective dates and within their window periods. These are also carried out by the classification societies.
8) Approval of workshop:- They also approves workshop for ISM manufacturing marine components.
9) OFF hire/ ON hire survey:- It is done on behalf of owner's or charterer's to check the condition of the ship.
10) Advisory services and other services:-
a) Inspecting technical features of all types of ship not covered under statutory surveys
b) Advising on lay-up and recommissioning procedure
c) Noise and vibration measurement
d) Repairing and updating stability data
e) training for ships and shore staff on ISm code.

11) Approval of work based on QCS
12) Approval of work based on Quality assurance system