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Ship in Service - Asia Pacific Ship Registry

A ship intended to sail in international trade must hold a valid class certificate, issued upon verification of its compliance with the rules of a Classification Society.

The first objective of APSR Rules for the classification of ships is ensuring that vessels are maintained and operated in such a way to minimize the risks to life, environment and property.



Class is assigned to a ship in service upon the completion of satisfactory document and drawings examination, and of surveys performed to verify that it’s in compliance with the relevant Rules of the Society.

Class is maintained throughout the ship’s life by means of periodical and occasional surveys.



We serve ship owners all over the world through our global office network and our highly skilled personnel. Decision are made locally, to guarantee prompt responses, but with monitoring to ensure process harmonization at corporate level.

As demonstrated by our outstanding PSC performance, APSR SERVICES can effectively support fleet managers having their vessels adequately prepared for PSC inspections.

We are able to offer tailor-made support to meet specific client needs, as well as troubleshooting services to improve the ship’s safe operation, efficiency and investment profitability.



Classed ships are subject to periodical surveys (renewal, intermediate, annual, bottom, tailshaft, boiler) for maintenance of class. Occasional surveys are to be performed following incidents and other events.

Dedicated software, Leonardo Info, allows ship managers to view survey reports and monitor the survey status, as well as eventual outstanding recommendation and memoranda, and forthcoming applicable rule requirements. Furthermore, Leonardo Info gives access to the ship’s reports, survey and certification history.



Is there a way to support ship management companies, monitoring the approaching due dates for surveys and recommendations?
APSR SERVICES offers, free of charge, EASY, an e-mail messaging system which notifies ship managers due dates of all APSR interventions of class and statutory certificates of a APSR classed vessel. EASY e-mail alert system is based on the survey status recorded in Leonardo Info.

Are occasional surveys included in the ship classification fees?
If the ship classification contract is ‘pay-per-use’, all APSR SERVICES interventions are invoiced individually. In case of a ‘block fee’ contract, the ship owner and APSR SERVICES will agree on the eventual inclusion or exclusion of unscheduled interventions.

Can I transfer my class from another Classification Society?
Class transfer from another Classification Society is regulated by a dedicated procedure, and may be carried out any time in a few simple steps. APSR SERVICES​ will get in contact with the loosing classification society and will do its best to make the class transfer process as simple as possible, with minimum disruption for the ship and no extra cost for the shipowner.